20 Lac Crore Sleep

When I slept last night with a thought of getting 20 LC my dream was likely to be larger then ever before I just felt extra expanded.

My bed seems to be smaller for my dreams and me I checked my bank app in working state and verified my account is linked with aadhar and pan-card.

Everything was perfect for me to sleep today I can turn on AC and I used my new night wear with some perfume I was feeling 10x more from within.

Now ready to sleep but my thoughts were running like a formula racing car I was feeling more fresh and energetic and constantly running the figure in my mind of 20 LC.

How my life would be with this kind of money? What all I can do? Feeling of freedom was expanding like an ocean but the sleep seems to be far and at the other end of the ocean.

Finally I managed to sleep after lowering the feeling ties as if it was new moon of my mind I expected to dream grander something more the 10x but my dreams were opposite of what I was feeling before sleep.

The dreams were more like dragging and struggling. I was on small log of wood and floating on the sea and moving where the waves were taking me Then I was climbing some place with huge weight tied in my legs. I was in dark room unable to break open my struggle was endless.

As I woke up with heavy feeling unable to absorb the contrast in my state But the figure of 20 LC was still hovering over me and feeling in the body was like electric current passed thru the moment I thought about the figure

I quickly reached out to my cell phone looked at my messages to see if there is any alert from bank and rechecked my bank app. Oh there was nothing exiting the last transaction was of bank charges debit of ₹20 I realised I only had enough money to survive less the a month.

I had no inclination to get up from the bed the daylight was actually did not light up my dark dreams I felt electricity was cut of from my feeling lighter which I felt imagining before sleep state last night.

I accessed to my calculator and quickly divided 20 LC to our population of 130 cr.And the figure flashed on my screen was 15,384.61 ….I can hardly survive a month.

This is a dream reality for all of us.

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