Founded by Shri Viral Manek & Sshreevidhyaa


Life is what you make of it and Pure Energy Academy gives you the tools to make it amazing

We would like to say that we do not consider ourselves as energy workers, spiritual seekers and gurus or miracle workers. We do not even consider ourselves as healer or psychologist as such. But this is what our customers say about us.

We do have some unique abilities that allow us to work across multiple dimensions, and that’s what it’s all about. We are all multi-dimensional beings and there are many invisible aspects that influence our human form. We do what we do, because it’s just who we are.

Think of us as your friend who has unique abilities to solve all your problems, no matter what. Whether you are looking for ways to – heal yourself, vastu correction without demolition, get or make money, get a job, make business successful, resolve court case, having spouse issues or divorce, not able sell your property, or anything that you think, that is important to you.

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No matter whatever pressing problem or situation you are in, you as a person are seen from these five individual views – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energy. This is also true for every organisation. Often these five distinct areas are intertwine with each other and these each distinct areas has to be addressed. PPure Energy looks for the core issue from these distinct five areas and uses them as a vantage point. This begins the journey to help you or your organisation overcome life’s challenges in order to reach your goal.

Our Purpose, Passion, and Mission

Pure Energy Academy advocates that the process of healing is possible by unfolding your mystical powers and we find joy and happiness once we unfold them thus creating a vibrant and delighted world.

Our Purpose is...

Our Mission...

The mission of the PPure Energy is to provide experiential insight to your true nature by unleashing your potential and vitality, happiness, and wealth through:

1) Integration: offering a scientifically-grounded Tools and Techniques to enhance our Lives
2) Meditation: encouraging, realigning to our Core Nature through the practice of meditation
3) Affiliation: creating opportunities to navigate and connect with like-minded others, online or offline


Our programmes offer unconventional, but highly effective options to traditional challenges.
PPure Energy’s vision and guiding principle is to empower people through high quality knowledge and workplace skills training in different fields. As part of that vision, we are committed to being a catalyst for social change, and we believe that the power of education can change peoples lives for the better.