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What crisis are we facing ?

Is everyone facing crisis?

Let’s understand what crisis means:

Crisis means, a time of great danger or difficulty; the moment when things change and either improve or get worse.

We are all facing crisis in current times or we may face in coming times.

We are facing health crisis as pandemic.

We are facing crisis in finance money and business or profession. As economy is shifting due to pandemic.

We are facing crisis in family and relationships. With growing discomfort in family or relationships.

We are facing crisis in community orders, where there is a leadership crisis either in society we are living in or the various groups we are in.

We are facing crisis of warlike scenario in the world where countries are sharply divided in to groups.

The climate conditions are turning extreme there is resources crisis the tress and species are exiting from the world scenario.

Where are we heading towards?

What is happening in this universe?

Is there a way ahead?

What can take us out of the crisis?

Who can lead us out to new order?

These are obvious questions for which we are looking for the answers.

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Before Something big is about to happen

There are Two aspects

A Voice runs in every human’s head, many of us are yet to learn to ignore or follow

With me it’s little different it’s some energy that keeps following within and I seize to exist
Many a times I am more of me

I will share more about my experiences with this energies in my future blog but I will only share one point unlike voice in the head this Energy is only benevolent

Thousands and thousands have benefited out of this benevolent energies

And all those who have experienced and benefited will relate with what I am saying here

I have observed that more of these energies are flowing thru me and telling me many things

So I have two aspects me and the energies in me

What is the message for you ?

The energy is telling me to share few things at this time

The consciousness is moving very fast for your understanding you can say god has speeded up some processes

Humanity is about to face many challenges there are only two alternates to overcome challenges ie one give up wrong beliefs and flow with time

Secondly there will be many humans that will reach to their highest potential to guide humanity out of challenges so just follow the path they will sail you through

Do not divide the energies as you have always labelled it as my God is better then others

The God is one for all it’s your inner division that creates one is better then other or only my god works

What will you need the most In the times to come ?

Time ahead will create two extremes like rich and poor
Faith and atheists
Peace and violence
Disease and extremely healthy
All the in between categories will fall on either side

What do I have to do ?

Yes this question will be in the minds of many

If you see dark room on the other side if you see room full of light where will you go ? Just go anywhere if you wait in deciding you can suffer more

…………..To be continued

You will like this Crow


I watched the first show of new drama written by my younger sister Geeta Manek ( she has not changed her maiden surname)

The name of the drama is KAGADO- in Gujarati means crow

She conveyed unassumingly simple side of human nature in an 90 minutes of griping story that compels you to look some aspects of life where the treasure is hidden with in

She is being writing since many years. A journalist turn Columnist and yes she has written novels books, poems and dramas too

I shall not revel the story or central idea of the drama KAGDO means Crow but I will only say you will like this crow

To express anything with simplicity requires deep understanding of the idea or subject

Geeta has presented in drama some of the most complex ideas and concepts with ease and simplicity

What the story is about?
Well it’s an unconventional story
It’s not on cast creed or religion
Not on racism not on terrorism
Not a love story but full of love

There are 3 characters but no triangle
It’s not about relationship but you will relate with it very closely

It’s not about nature but it’s natural
It’s not about birds ???? but more about human

I assure you while watching the drama you will feel part of you is depicted and enacted and after the drama you will feel complete


The drama is in Gujarati language some of you may not understand Gujarati yet it is so simple that Marathi and Hindi knowing may enjoy

Point to be noted

Greta’s previous play Anandibai was acclaimed in Gujarati on demand she had to translate in Hindi and Marathi

I wish and I know
This play will be on demand translated in many languages and
It will be on net series or on big canvas

Geeta you are blessed