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Immunity boost


Write 613 & 6681443 with a blue pen on your left arm daily. Increases immunity

medication and care to continue as per Doctor with the healing.

Remove Negativity

To be done on amavasya day or Saturday

take a little mustard seeds, little Salt and 3 full red dried chillies .. rotate this around your house 7 times and burn it or discard it outside your house.. after this burn a camphor or bay leaf to balance the energies

Resolve health issues

Do this on a Saturday you can repeat the if process of needed  

Take 7 colves 7 camphor 7 black pepper corns 

Rotate it 21 times anticlockwise over the person or family members And burn it 

This will relieve a lot of health issues 

Relationship improvement

Do this inna Firday 

This is for Couple who live together and want to strengthen the relationship

Take a Pink Candle. Carve in it Divine Together Venus Bring Love. Annoit it with love oil or lavender oil , rub some sugar on it and light in your bedroom. Make sure it is not unattended.