Caution – An Energy Alert to All

Today is 2 June 2020 when I am writing this blog and the time is 15.40 hours. In the span of two days the 2 cases that came to me for consulting has a connection worth noticing and the current time needs to be understood in the context.

CASE 1 A girl once approached me and reported some challenges on inquiry we found she had an weird experienced of energies one night when she was in UK. After clearance things were better with her. I found that she is always susceptible to energies. She called me again few days ago this time the challenges are much higher and different. She is engaged with a boy in USA one day suddenly all her feelings changed her orientation shifted She called me after 4 days of the incident. I asked her one days time to check the details she did not connect with me for a week today she called at 7 am and said she has an inexplicable headache and no doctor has been able to identify the issue even after all the reports and all parameters are normal No medicine effecting her to get her the relief. We are working on it & will take some days to get all the energies cleared.

CASE 2 A married guy having 2 kids is feeling stuck in relationship with wife staying separate and also stuck in life for 1 year unable to focus on work reporting strange activities at night and with him and around him He says he feels some thing is pulling him and he cannot move forwardThe couple wants to separate but can’t. In first call I told him some energy connection with a city of around the place he confirmed and agreed to send details of the person we also conferred the stuck energies in a object around him several feeling which this person going thru were matching with my energy reading. On further detailed observation we found the positive energy connect and unknown forces manipulating energies we chocked down the plan to clear the bad effects. 48 hours Before these 2 cases one of my associate went through sudden serious challenges. Now let me connect some dots and observations. I have been working with such cases since long without supporting superstition, purely on the basis of symptoms and speedy results. In current times, more and more such weird experiences you will go through. To understand the full details I recommend you to read my two blogs listed below.

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