Candle Magic with Herbs and Switch Energies – 7 Day Workshop

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A 7 Day Workshop by Sshreevidhyaa – Candle Magic with Herbs and Switch Energies.

The most-powerful and the most-effective ingredients I have assembled for you in my 7 days online workshop:

“Candle Magic with Herbs and Switch Energies”

This workshop is chock full of magic from attracting love, luck, money, power to solving problems, business growth, more sales, and making life more peaceful and abundant.

In this online workshop you will learn:

~ Why Candle Is The Most Powerful Ingredient In Magic
~ How To Infuse Herbs In Candle
~ Which Herbs To Infuse For Powerful And Effective Candle Magic
~ Herbs That Give Quick Results Through Candle Magic
~ How To Work With Switch Words And Candle
~ Which Switch Words Can Give You More Powerful And Effective Results With Candle
~ Finally How To Infuse Herbs And Switch Words In Candle Magic

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