This is a potent ittarhandcrafted with all natural ingredients for the purpose of attracting money, prosperity, and financial abundance into your life. This is ittar will benefit in the manifestation of your material desires and goals by enhancing that energy of growth and abundance. Each ingredient used in this ittarhas been selected for their abilities in opening the door to prosperity and success!

It’s 100% True… you don’t need to have any specific thought or desire in mind,simply apply Ittar and see the magic!

Prepared with a unique formula, this Ittar works fromenergies and powers from beyond. So, whether you are working towards a particular goal or simply need that push in the right direction of money, this ittarworks to enhance that manifesting energy and bring in money for you.

Who Is Money Magnet Ittar For?

If you are ready to attract wealth, “Money Magnet Ittar”will enhance your manifestation power and open your energy field to receive money.The unique formula of Money Magnet Ittar combines the prosperity and attraction power to help you become a magnet for abundance in all the forms.Generally speaking, Money Magnet Ittar works for everyone who wants money in their life. But it will work specifically, if you want to:

Reviews Of Happy Customers

“I brought Money Magnet Ittar for myself because money doesn’t stay with me, and I keep spending it and later regretting it. After applying ittar just for couple of days I started saving, and my urge of spending money reduced considerably. But here is the part – by the end of the day I will get the required amount somehow, which I need. It’s just simply amazing.”

Aditya Ghai

Media Influencer

“Sshreevidhya is a pure gem. I bought 2 ittars from her and they were as promised. I even got instructions on how to use them and examples for making magic. This is pure gold, go and get yours from her today.”

Kranti Chandra

Corporate Executive

I am seeing money and getting money from everywhere. Even from the sources that I didn’t know. Thank you!

I will for sure buy again.

Srinivas P

Software Engineer

“This ittar is very powerful it does the job I have already purchased 5 of them and I keep coming back as soon as I see my bottle is almost getting over. I promise you will get the results you are looking for and I recommend it to all, you won’t ever be disappointed.”

Riya Arya

Business Owner

I love this ittar. It stays on me for the entire day. Not only do I love it but my husband loves it and wears it everyday. When my husband started wearing the ittar to work he immediately noticed he was getting additional responsibilities which resulted in his salary increment. Thank you.”

Ranjita Sharma


“I have been looking for a job and ordered it before I began my search. Once it got my ittar, Iapplied as per the instruction given by Sshreevidhya ma’am and I literally started searching jobs on Naukri  And in couple of days my phone would not stop ringing!!! My phone was ringing with opportunities non-stop! Simply amazing , I am so grateful!”

Kajal Shah

Manager Accounts

Secure Your Ittar Now

Attract more money in your lifeand be like a magnet for money. Money Magnet Ittar is strong andpowerful that will enhance thegrowth of your money. Money will flow into your life with ease and you will experienceconstant growth in your income. Yeah, it may be true that you can’t buy love – and the best things in life may be free – but you definitely need money for just about everything else in life!

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