Bundle 3 – Ultimate Bundle of Rituals ( 180 )

Bundle 3 – Ultimate Bundle of Rituals ( 180 )

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The Ultimate Bundle of Rituals


Get the Sacred, Energised, Easy, and Effective Rituals Packed in Different Bundles of Your Choice for Creating Abundance and Prosperity

Everyday there are many ways to increase prosperity and abundance in your life. You may think of picking a lottery that has right numbers or getting that lucky draw or getting that specific job be it national or international or getting that business breakthrough that you are waiting for. After you do these rituals you will not only fasten the process but also make certain to have your life more abundant be it any area of your life. But not worry we don’t want you give up anything. Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as to make room for it, so you may have to give up the old to get the new better one. With just a little right amount of intention and lots of magic present in these Rituals you can create abundance and pleasure in every part of your life


These are personally created by: SShreevidhya Iyer

A Mystic Divya Shakti Master, India’s # 1 – Psychic Reader, Mystic Healer, AstroNumroVastu & Gem Expert, Wealth Abundance Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Expert, and a Business Coach + Consultant.

SShreevidhya believes, “There is only one Success —– to live your life in your own way that is full of prosperity and abundance”.  


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