Diwali Puja & Anushthan

Diwali Puja & Anushthan




Diwali Puja & Anushthan

Everyday Schedule
Ganesh Puja
Navgraha puja
Ganesh Atharvasheesh
Lakshmi Sahastranam
Gopal Sahastranam
Saraswati mantra jaap
Sodas upchar puja archana

Last Day:
Hawan followed by Lakshmi pujan

1. Good Health
2. Removal of Obstacles
3. To enhance wealth & prosperity
4. Expansion in business
5. Faster recovery of debts
6. Professional & Financial Growth
Group link

Pls send your full name and date of birth and mother’s name too for manas sankalpam

Book your prayers ie puja now 5100/-

To watch the puja live three days
8 am to 3 am
Share your name and email id phone number
Will share link with you

I will be sharing some tips that will help you to activate money ??? energies in your life During this Diwali

Do share in groups and circles


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