Job Tears

Job Tears



Job tears

Keep seven Job’s Tears in the Pocket for good Luck.

Job’s Tears is an herb of healing and luck. In charm and Mojo bags they are used in numbers of three and seven to attract luck, wishes, and money. String the seeds to either wear or carry as a wish necklace or a blessing necklace. carrying three or 7 in your pocket will assist in finding a good job. Count out seven seeds while concentrating on a wish, then carry the seeds with you at all times — the wish should come true by the end of the week.

Wish spell; place seven Jobs Tears in your pocket and carry them this way for seven days At the end of the seventh day, go to a place where there is running water, pray for your Desire, and then throw the Jobs Tears into the water over the left shoulder, walk away, don’t look back and in seven days, your wish comes true

These tear-like seeds are protection against any sorrow and are said to absorb pain or sickness. They also help to prevent accidents befalling the individual who carries them in a bag, and household accidents if kept indoors near the stairs or kitchen.
The job tears can be carried or used with the spell stated above

7 in a pack


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