Whether You Believe It Or Not, Numbers Do Influence Your Life And Plays A Major Role In Every Step Towards Your Success And Thus It’s Not Less Than A Magic

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science of numbers and each number has a story of its own. But why is Numerology important? Some say our entire universe is based on mathematics and that numbers are our universal language which makes this numeric symbol system applicable to everyone! Numerology uses specific numbers, dates, and letters to decipher the meaning behind your life events and situations.

Numerology falls under the category of divination as Numerology can predict – who the person is?; what strengths/weaknesses he possess?; what could be the most suitable career/business option?; what would be the favorable dates/days/months/year for significant changes in life? and lots more.

Numerology has many applications. For example, it can be used to choose a specific date for your celebration or special occasion. With some basic calculations, you can determine your life path number providing you insights into your spiritual journey through this life. With numerological interpretation, you are even able to gain an understanding of your compatibility with another person.

Principle & Practices

By empowering you with the knowledge you need to live a life aligned with your desires and frequencies, represented by your unique number patterns, Pure Energy Academy serves to open doors that would otherwise remain closed, adding value to your life, the lives of those you touch, and to the world.

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