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Intense Healing makes your soul act according to your plans.With Intense Healing Circle, you will find that changes in your life will be faster and it moves us away from the pain areas.

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What is Intense Healing Circle?

Intense healing is making your soul act according to the plan as our free will may have deviated us from our path in this process once we allow our soul to express better we find the changes in our life faster and moves us away from the pain areas.

Why should I do Intense Healing Circle?

Intense healing works on the soul realising its propose therefor our life path becomes easy on our health wealth relationship and spiritual growth

How is this program different from other Pure Energy healing programs?

In this process, we create healing energies thru various rituals and processes at 6.30 am and these energies are available for you to receive till 12 midnight we send you the method of receiving it You receive energies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and allow it to sink in next day in a month 12 sessions is given Depending the pain area you may be required to takes the sessions

Benefit points:

Easy to receive as it takes 5/7 minutes
You receive a notification on 3 times a week
Your life is shifted on the path of ease
It works on all areas of life health wealth relationship career and spirituality
It removes any negative energies attached to you and weakens black magic effects
The intensity of the pain area is reduced and ease areas improve


Your pattern may slow down healing
Your faith and surrendering will accelerate the healing

Number of months you require to take healing may depend on various factor
Some continue the healing for many months to continue to enjoy the ease in life
This is done every Monday Wednesday and Friday you just need to sit for three minutes and receive the healing.. All instructions will be shared

Yes you can receive it on behalf of your near and dear one if they don’t receive.

Process will be shared.

1 review for PPure Energy – Intense Healing Circle

  1. Dr.M.Ravichandra

    I started recieving Intense healing from Feb2021.It helped me a lot to express better,and faster by removal of negative energies and its effects attached to me and the intensity of the pain area is reduced and
    thereby it was so easy for me in improving spiritually and also health wealth relationship wise till now.

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