How would it feel if your life is completely re-engineered to be successful in ALL walks of life? How would it feel if in the next few months because you had finally gotten rid of the old imprints holding back your spirit, your creativity and your ability to take action? Each day you stay stuck in those old imprints, it’s costing you new opportunities – not to mention the freedom of feeling truly on path and soaring rather than mysteriously being held back by unseen forces and cherry blossom triggers, transmitting fears that you inherited.

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How Would It Feel If Your Life Is Completely Re-Engineered To Be Successful In ALL Walks Of Life? How Would It Feel If In The Next Few Months Because You Had Finally Got Rid Of The Old Imprints Holding Back Your Spirit, Your Creativity, And Your Ability To Take Action

RE-CODE meditation audio program is not just a talk that leaves feeling empty and no direction. It’s a journey into the suppressed unconscious mind – wounded part of the Self. These wounds are often inaccessible to you due to suppressing mechanism that you have developed and it needs investigating as to what is that have caused faulty coding in your mind.

In RE-CODE I will take you through subliminal questioning process and during this process, you and me will re-visit your earliest childhood and cover main age scales where you were hurt. Now you can gently and safely access and heal the hidden areas, memories, and release old congested or blocked energies.

Here is where you will be smoothly reminded of how you felt and can than start to uplift, start a healing dialogue process between the adult Self and the child. I will be using subliminal autosuggestion to restore communication, comfort, trust and ultimately profound healing. With this process you connect to your inner self and finally start being able to feel and use instincts to trust your inner voice and knowing your heart’s desire clearly.

Here Are The Outcomes Of RE-CODE Workshop:

  • Begin To Identify And Heal The Negative Issues Which Caused The Separation From Your Self
  • Reconnect To And Re-Integrate With Self And Learn How To Maintain And Develop The Connection
  • Learn To Be Playful And Have Fun With Celebration
  • Regain That Blissful State Of Unconditional Love And Inner Joy
  • Finding Out The Source Of The Emotional Holding-Anger, Shame, Guilt, Fear, Confusion, Grief
  • Move To Resolution And Closure With Forgiveness By Accessing Repressed Memories That Are Holding You Back


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