Shiva Mantra

Shiva Mantra


Shiva Mantra is a most powerful mantra. Our body is made of five elements and our brain and body is activated by sounds. By chanting OM NAMA SHIVAY and NAMA SHIVAYA OM can transform your body and mind. Shiva Mantra can impact these five elements differently and can affect different outcomes. By chanting Shiva Mantra it nullifies almost 99% of the negative impact from your life.

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Shiva Mantra will overcome troubles, sorrows, disease from your life, cleanse your soul, and protects you from enemies and threats

One of the most powerful mantras to create miracles, attract wealth and prosperity and mastering five elements Earth, Water Fire Air and Sky. Esoteric methods of chanting will be shared along with five special mantras to activate full brain power. You can make Shiva Mantra as password to unlock your mystical powers that were till now believed to be the possession of ancient sages.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky five elements operate with each other and transform in to another element. For example when two stones the earth elements are rubbed against each other that creates friction and ignite fire. Water put on fire will transform in to air.

Shiva Mantra is a sound and shape for each element in nature viz

NA – Earth    MA – Water  SHI – Fire   VA – Air     YA – Sky

Esoteric way of chanting in five different order and activating the sound in the body can effect changes:

  • In Better Health condition
  • In Wealth creation
  • In Activating Mystical and Psychic Powers
  • In Spiritual Awakening
  • In Ever Abundance State
  • Sharp Focus
  • More Concentration
  • Higher Thinking
  • Emotional Mastery
  • And Disease cure are additional benefits


Five Special Mantra of SHIVA To Fully Activate Brain Power

Find a balance in Physical Mental Emotional Social Financial and Spiritual life. When Shiva Mantra is chanted in a group of say 10 people its power is multiple into 10 raise to 10. This is Unique!


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