Wish fulfilling Australian Crystal Pyramid With Golden Pyramid


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Wish fulfilling Australian Crystal pyramid with golden stand

? This pyramid helps to fulfil wish. Place your wish at the base of the pyaramid where it’s specially designed to insert your wish.

? For healing, you can also place persons photograph or name inside it.

? For fame, you can place your name or insert your photo in it.

? Place companies name or company logo inside it for name and fame.

? You can also energize your medicines by placing it inside the gap.

? Place your crystals and gemstones inside and charge it.

? Placing family or individual persons photo inside the pyramid gap gives positivity, strength and encouragement and removes negativity.

? Keep your affirmations in the pyramid to fulfill your wish.

? This pyramid is best for attraction and to bring good luck

? It also helps in concentration and improves memory

? By gazing at it, it also helps energize your third eye chakra


? East, North or NE area

?On your receptionist table

?On your corner table where all family member sits

? Study table

? Altar

Size – 3 inches height


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