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Get clear, pointed answers with straight talk and no drama of love, money, career, and more. I can find “YOUR TRUTH” and guide you through any issue with support and empathy.

Hi, this is Sshreevidhyaa here and this is my story.
It is true that I am a special case, even in the psychic field.

There are very few pure psychics like me who can “see” without any external support. I do it by just focusing on psychic thoughts on someone like you or someplace and every time this is a deeply moving experience for me.

Whenever I feel a vision coming, my body and mind are one. I feel a connection with the great cosmic currents. I see astral pathways extending all around me, and people and things appear to me, real and tangible.

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My Unusual Roller-Coaster Resume

I was born in an ordinary family and so it was utmost necessary for me to complete my education even though I started working at the age of 16. My carrier is full variety let me give you a gist of it. My first job was a counter sales girl in Birdys for a year. I became a real estate agent for 3 years. By this time I had finished my graduation and became Head Beautician for Fair & Lovely for 2 years. In the interim I had switched couple of jobs and took a leap of faith and owned a franchise of The Cross Flight & started Manpower Placement agency parallelly.

But I didn’t stop there. I jumped into the glamour world without any experience and launched Midas Touch an advertising & media firm that led into Production and then to Line-Producer and went on to become Assistant-Director. Here are some of ad films – Amitabh Bachchan in Gitanjali ad, Shahrukh Khan in ICICI ad, Naseeruddin Shah in Diabetes ad, Preity Zinta in Godfrey Phillips ad, Wasim Akram in Acu-Check ad. Not all only that I also bagged two awards of the ads – Godraj Coffee Table Book award and Nimboo Mirch Market award.

My Gifts Were Unearthed Under Dramatic Circumstances

When I was a little girl I could write things and they would come true. My mother would tell me, could you fix the TV set and just by touching and giving my energy I was able to make the TV set work. Since I was a little girl I couldn’t make sense of these powers that I had.

In time, I started to receive vision flashes about events further and further away in the future, about people I was not familiar with. When I reached adolescence, I started helping people who needed help and felt a symbiosis and connect to their psyche. Images then immediately came to my mind, as if I could watch a movie about their future life.

This happened for many years to come and I was drawn further into this amazing world. But then something happen I got an invitation to attend a workshop called as DNA Activation. Fascinated with the name I decided to attend it. I loved the program and met the trainer, Shri Viral Manek and immediately decided to do something together.

So I started arranging workshop for him. But he had other plans for me. Knowing my abilities he took me under his wings and taught me how to invoke powers lying dormant within me. And rest is history. I choose to devote myself to other people, to answer their questions and “see” the path of their life for them to help them to overcome any obstacle?

Finally we decided to launch Pure Energy Academy® and work together we traveled across the country, stayed sometime in the most magical places, and I met some other great Masters. I followed their teachings and learned to master my own powers in order to trigger my visions at will.

Little by little, I mastered the circles of psychic power and healing. I have also learned how to use tarot cards, numerology, astrology, gemology, and spells and see them as very valuable tools. I use them to make contact with the higher forces that regulate the great upheavals of Fate.

My powers have grown since and in some important cases I am able to bestow some mighty psychic protection upon those who need it the most among the people who consult me. My greatest reward is to see all the improvements in your life, and most of all the great testimonials of happiness that I receive from you.