What crisis are we facing ?

Is everyone facing crisis?

Let’s understand what crisis means:

Crisis means, a time of great danger or difficulty; the moment when things change and either improve or get worse.

We are all facing crisis in current times or we may face in coming times.

We are facing health crisis as pandemic.

We are facing crisis in finance money and business or profession. As economy is shifting due to pandemic.

We are facing crisis in family and relationships. With growing discomfort in family or relationships.

We are facing crisis in community orders, where there is a leadership crisis either in society we are living in or the various groups we are in.

We are facing crisis of warlike scenario in the world where countries are sharply divided in to groups.

The climate conditions are turning extreme there is resources crisis the tress and species are exiting from the world scenario.

Where are we heading towards?

What is happening in this universe?

Is there a way ahead?

What can take us out of the crisis?

Who can lead us out to new order?

These are obvious questions for which we are looking for the answers.

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