What are PPure Energy Rituals all about ?

You may wonder what the rituals are all about?

Why it’s important for you to do it?

What changes you can expect?

Let’s explore these questions in brief

We humans are in the universe, and we are the full universe within ourselves, and we are unaware about it fully

We believe we are separate and some one or something is impacting us , also remember that we also impact the universe and this chain process is on going

There by planets and our imports of past our current thoughts feelings actions and speaking impacts our reality constantly

We live through patterns that means we operate without awareness and unconsciously

We need interceptions and disruptions to take us closer to our self and thereby changing our surroundings, and also the outcomes that we experience

Planets numbers shapes sounds Colors and light impacts us on all levels of our being

We in PPure Energy by deep diving in to core of energy source and with expertise on various science we create outcome oriented rituals to change the patterns after taking in to account your energy imprints

PPure Energy rituals are energy infused and unconventional

Rituals are based on brain operations Neuro science, energy disruptions planets energy impacts and consciousness-movements focusing on the changes that you need and things that you choose to attract

However the rituals are designed with divine guidance , what comes in the way is your fixation in the way in which you desire the outcome and the outcomes and your perception of self and situations

That means things have changed to your advantage but because of your fixation on the change that you have imagined is not visible and the expected time of manifestation is not according to your expectations you feel rituals are not working

What you need to do is consistently follow with expectations hope trust and faith

Along with these factors the most important ingredient is belief if you feel it will work then it will work, If you believe it will work but you may not experience the outcome in the expected time and in the form then you will create doubt so you will create situation to support your doubts

All rituals will create changes in you that you need and not what you like always.

What crisis are we facing ?

Is everyone facing crisis?

Let’s understand what crisis means:

Crisis means, a time of great danger or difficulty; the moment when things change and either improve or get worse.

We are all facing crisis in current times or we may face in coming times.

We are facing health crisis as pandemic.

We are facing crisis in finance money and business or profession. As economy is shifting due to pandemic.

We are facing crisis in family and relationships. With growing discomfort in family or relationships.

We are facing crisis in community orders, where there is a leadership crisis either in society we are living in or the various groups we are in.

We are facing crisis of warlike scenario in the world where countries are sharply divided in to groups.

The climate conditions are turning extreme there is resources crisis the tress and species are exiting from the world scenario.

Where are we heading towards?

What is happening in this universe?

Is there a way ahead?

What can take us out of the crisis?

Who can lead us out to new order?

These are obvious questions for which we are looking for the answers.

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Caution – An Energy Alert to All

Today is 2 June 2020 when I am writing this blog and the time is 15.40 hours. In the span of two days the 2 cases that came to me for consulting has a connection worth noticing and the current time needs to be understood in the context.

CASE 1 A girl once approached me and reported some challenges on inquiry we found she had an weird experienced of energies one night when she was in UK. After clearance things were better with her. I found that she is always susceptible to energies. She called me again few days ago this time the challenges are much higher and different. She is engaged with a boy in USA one day suddenly all her feelings changed her orientation shifted She called me after 4 days of the incident. I asked her one days time to check the details she did not connect with me for a week today she called at 7 am and said she has an inexplicable headache and no doctor has been able to identify the issue even after all the reports and all parameters are normal No medicine effecting her to get her the relief. We are working on it & will take some days to get all the energies cleared.

CASE 2 A married guy having 2 kids is feeling stuck in relationship with wife staying separate and also stuck in life for 1 year unable to focus on work reporting strange activities at night and with him and around him He says he feels some thing is pulling him and he cannot move forwardThe couple wants to separate but can’t. In first call I told him some energy connection with a city of around the place he confirmed and agreed to send details of the person we also conferred the stuck energies in a object around him several feeling which this person going thru were matching with my energy reading. On further detailed observation we found the positive energy connect and unknown forces manipulating energies we chocked down the plan to clear the bad effects. 48 hours Before these 2 cases one of my associate went through sudden serious challenges. Now let me connect some dots and observations. I have been working with such cases since long without supporting superstition, purely on the basis of symptoms and speedy results. In current times, more and more such weird experiences you will go through. To understand the full details I recommend you to read my two blogs listed below.

What is Psychic Attack ?

Blog: Aliens & Entities

If you or anyone around you are experiencing weird energies, then, take action before it’s too late by booking a call with me at the link below.

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What can a soul do when fully activated ?

Body has limitations as it required to move from one point to the other. Mind has less limitations it can go quickly in to past or future and from places to people.

Body has limitations as only it has to be taken to places to experience the surroundings. Body takes inputs from 5 senses Mind also create scenario using memory or imagination. Let’s understand you need to take your body to sea beach or montano top to experience how it feels Now think of 5 best vacation destination you visited Also imagine next vacation destination Have you realised the difference?

Great let’s go to next point. Soul knows all but entire energies of soul is not operative or active fully there are aspects of soul is in darkness and slowly with the experiences of life it comes in light when we visit a place first time we feel I had been to this place before or we feel we know the person even if we have are meeting first time. The soul remembers we can also bring the soul in full light thru various processes instead of waiting for experiences. We can also send our energies or say 5 senses to get perfect perception of what is happening in places to a person or to access situations.

Once soul is fully active you can attain various Siddhi There are various methods available to attend ‘Siddhis‘ most of them are too long to experience. What is easy and best ways to attend siddhi which is simple and powerful. I will share with you all types of siddhi and various ways to attend them and also every aspects of SiddhiSiddhi is powers and your soul is most powerful for you. To know more, watch my webinar ‘Siddhis – Our Birthright‘ by clicking on link below:

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Why do people shout and scream when they are angry ??

There is a Tibetan Story, that one day an old sage asked his followers the following: – Why do people shout at each other when they are angry?

The men thought for a few moments: -Because we lose our calm – said one – that’s why we scream.

–  -But why shout when the other person is next to you?  – asked the wise man – Is it not possible to speak to him in a low voice?  Why do you yell at a person when you are angry?

The men gave some other answers but none of them satisfied the sage.

Finally he explained: -When two people are angry, their hearts drift apart.

To cover that distance they must shout, to be able to hear themselves.  The angrier they are, the louder they will have to yell to hear each other across that great distance.

Then the sage continued: – What happens when two people fall in love?  They don’t yell at each other but speak softly. Why?  Their hearts are very close.  The distance between them is very small.

The wise man smiled and said: – When they fall in love even more, what happens?  They don’t speak, they just whisper and become even closer in their love.

Finally they don’t even need to whisper, they just look at each other and that’s it. This is how close two people are when they love each other …  Then he said: -When you discuss, don’t let your hearts go away, don’t say words that further separate you, the day may come when the distance is so far that you won’t find your way back …

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What is Psychic Attack ?

Sometimes something goes wrong with you suddenly and you can’t understand nor can explain this phenomenon.

You feel someone around you, You feel you are being guided at wrong situations, wrong things, and wrong place.

You know it but can’t do anything about it.

Suddenly you feel sick and some health issue creeps you and you are leaking your vital energies.

Specially with women they feel their body is been used in sleep and dreams, sucking their powers and they feel strange sexual feelings.

After going through a physical relationship with someone you absorb bad energies which sticks to you.

Dreams and sleep starts bothering you and you stay awake for long twisting and tossing in bed. Strangely object place and people attracts you and you stay attached and even if you want can’t move from them.

Yes you can be under psychic attack.

Psychic attack is an intentionally interference in to you auric field to manipulate your energies for controlling outcomes from you using your energies to fulfil their wishes.

Your energies can be manipulated for diverting to some one else.

This is known as Black Magic.

When some one enters in to your auric field and force open the layers of your energy body layers it is possible.

It’s require expertise and practice to do energy interference when you aura is creaked it can be easily done.

It’s done by either human or non human energies Any one does such act can do so by using your hair, nails, clothes, undergarments, saliva or indirectly inducing some oral substances.

All such Practioner use the energies very crud ways they even use the energies of non humans like entities to get their work done.

How easily it can effect such barging depends on your protection and powers.

Over a years of practice and masters grace I have developed an expertise in clearing black magic effects, Energy attachments and entity clearance from person place or things.

If you are having following symptoms like prolonged illness, sudden sickness, gloomy energies at home or workplace, unusual events, withdrawal from people or compulsive relationships, attachment to objects, drawn to hunted places, dreaming been bondage, dreaming stuck, high sexual attraction, always unsuccessful, huge losses, linkage in house, noisy doors, damp walls all times, ugly smells in house, repulsive body odour, long standing skin issues, cluttered house, unwanted storage, always feeling presence of someone, feeling some one listening, feeling touch when no one around or inexplicable events then it’s the time to find out whether you are under psychic attack.

For the best guidance on the subject get my consultancy today.