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PPure Energy is founded by Shri Viral Manek, a renowned author, psychologist, energy worker, mystic guru & Sshreevidhyaa an excellent clairvoyant, money alchemist, healer, vaastu expert, gem therapist giving latest and greatest tools for easing into your power and making the most out of life.

They have unique abilities that allow them to work across multiple dimensions as we are all multi-dimensional beings and there are many invisible aspects that influence our human form.

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Learn below about how PPure Energy hascaused immense Impact since the last decade.


Your Energy Signs

The 12 signs of the Zodiac, each one taking up 30 degrees in your birth chart, making the full Energy Circle  Ultimate Guides  To Energy


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What are PPure Energy Rituals all about ?

You may wonder what the rituals are all about? Why it’s important for you to do it? What changes you can expect? Let’s explore these questions in brief We humans are in the universe, and we are the full universe within ourselves, and we are