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Expressing Without Expecting 

Expressing without expecting

Sun gives light

Moon lights the night

Star shines

Rain falls

Tree grows

Every thing in the universe expresses without expectations

Sun never expect anything in return from us so as the moon starts rain tree or anything

It’s not so with man we want constant reciprocation.we want response.we want only favourable reaction

Just run thru one day of your life find out what you did for others and what did you expect from them ? What have you given to them ?

Every one will feel they have given more

Others did not understood them others did not gave the response they were expecting or others ignored them

Now suppose you do things every thing for someone without expecting you will face different kind of challenges The other will say He must be having hidden motives

Have we not forgotten to relate with ourselves others and everything around us

Can we not just be and express like sun moon star or everything what nature does ?

Start expressing without expecting at lest some time in a day You can get ease energies peace and joy

Expression without expecting is love