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Love  love  love  

Love ???? love ???? love ????

Love for each one is different

When one says I love You is a pure lie

Because I x love x you are opposite and contrary

Let me explain I can never survive when love operates

Love can never appear in front of

It’s like dark and light

Same in case of love and you

If I love you then it’s my way of love v/s your way of love

It is actually said as you love I and I love my ways of love Hence it is more like matching I and you

So which is true understanding of I love you the truth about it is

I dissolve my way of love to meet you

You will receive love that will dissolve you

So what we together experience only love

Or we both become love

So the new way of saying is

I dissolve myself for you to dissolve in us

Let’s be love ????

We Be love ????

Be love ????