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Quick Fix

Deep down each one who contacted us are aware that some situations will require time to shift

Every one is looking for the quick fix

One of my lady client when she is off the job immediately wants next job. I will receive the call at night asking me that Viral do something I should get good offer tomorrow

She is not at fault in putting such demands because she has experience various miracles with me for last 4 years

Her salary raised 5 folds without addition to qualification. She had several situations in office that was resolved in her favour

I had explained her categorically that she has a deeper issue that needs resolution

Which will take just 3 to 4 sessions in person

Every time she avoids to deal with her inner fear and seeks on call help The quick fix

People have really failed to understand what Healing is ? And what to expect in healing?

Soon you will receive my nano books series  on healing

From my experience of healing more then 10000 Healings I did I learned many things and one of that is all need quick fix

Many agrees with me and work towards their deepest issues and their codes of creating pain is recoded easily and they never experience the same type of pain again

I have devices many new methods and process to help people heal their situations

Yes every one needs a Quick Fix that lasts long so here we have created Vedic Vastu Frames that has absorbed 1.25 lac manta energies and more then 8 hours of havan by Vedic Gurus

It’s made of specific crystal combinations with specific symbols

Now I can suggest Vedic Vastu Frame to The late night caller she get easy quick fix that works 24/7 at home and it last long

Do you want to know how it works?

I will share insights in to the working of energies that you help to to know more

Till then you can visit the link to know various choice we offer