Mystic Power Pendant


Protection from Lower Frequency Spirits and any type of Black Magic or Tantrik Attack

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Mystic Power V Protection Pendant
This pendant  is specially made and designed by Pure Energy for Healers and All Those who seek Protection from Lower Frequency Spirits and any type of Black Magic or Tantrik Attack
As one goes deeper in meditation lots of Lower frequency spirits seek releasing thru you
*The Mystic V Power Protection pendant  protects you from any sticky spirits who staying attached to you
*Mystic Protection Pendant  is bliss not only  for the Healers but everyone and Anyone It is made from special wood that has natural properties and this wood is rare to find
The proof of the originality of this wood is that it drowns in the water and it will not float like any other wood
It also attracts and removes all or any type of black magic without effecting the wood or you One need to know the process of removing
Tantrik Mantrik and Yantrik knows about its power
Jain mooni’s keep it with them for protection from Ventar Lok
As Healers you face all type of energies to avoid some energies  to get stuck to you it is useful
*Mystic V power Protection Pendant can also release and heal people of any spirit attachments and Psychic Attack
*Mystic V Power Pendant*
can be use by individuals to carry with them where ever they go
They can use them in multiple ways for *Protection and Healing*
As this is very rare and precious  wood only few numbers will be available
The Value of the benefits is not measurable in terms of money
We would need your full Name Date  Birth for  energizing, programming and initiating the Pendant
The Pendant will be energized and Programmed with special specific Mantras….. For your benifits
Mystic V Protection and  Healing  pendant
*Available Now*
*ShreeVidhya Ra*
*Whatsapp on:+919029691739 /Call on +919819727539*
*Enquires in Personal window pleasee*


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