Triple Spiral




Made On Mexican Calcite Crsytal

Celtic triple spiral is also known as TRISKELE SYMBOL

It is 6500 years old symbol

Its based on no-3. It says that everything comes in Three Phase like –

? Mind Body spirit

? Mother father child

? Past present future

? Triple Goddess

? Its linked with fertility; with 9 months of pregnancy period , (mother father child)

It also an auspicious symbol for person born on 3 or total of 3 like on date-3, 12, 21 of any month


? On table or frame it or use as coasters

? Best to be used by pregnant lady. Keep below her bed or pillow.

Can use to keep medicine or use as coaster

Same way spiritual people and astrologer can use to get intuitive power of Past-Present-Future.


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