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Churning the life

Milk needs to go through the process of transformation to become curd.

Curd is transferred to become buttermilk.

On churning the buttermilk the butter is separated.

When butter is heated it becomes ghee.

Butter is already present in the milk but you can not extract butter directly

Even curd has butter but you can not extract butter out of curd

You get butter only by churning

And Ghee is the top stage of the transformation of milk

All the solution of life situations lies in the problem itself

The question is why we can not see the solution

The answer is the same as you can not extract butter out of milk or curd

The second answer is the problem required churning

Are you transforming yourself in a situation of problem? Are you being churned in the problem?

What does it mean to transform?

To transform means to change the state.

Are you surrendering your problem state?

If the answer is no the problem will persist

What does it mean to churn the problem?

To churn means to be ready for twist and turn.

We want everything the same, no transformation, no churning and we want a solution.

Do you think it’s possible to find a solution in a status quo?

Naturally no

You need a catalyst like as we put curd in the milk as a catalyst agent

You need churner to extract butter

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