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On What road are you driving your life?

Let’s examine the driving the car process before we get to life driving

There is a driving console inside the car you must know the functions of each key control like streaming accelerator gear brake clutch and various other small controls

Outside the car, your focus needs to be on the road traffic signals other vehicles and pedestrian

Now let’s look at life

Externally we need to focus on goals actions and achievements

And also material accumulation social status family relationships personal responsibility fame and other successes

Internally do we know what our console is
What are our key controls?

If we don’t know our inner controls and how to operate and master our external life achievement is co-relating to our inner mastery

We understand very well in terms of car and we fail to get the mastery when it comes to life

We can hardly balance the air pressure in our 4 tyers of life namely dharma Arth kaam and Moksha ( duty finances desire and liberation)

Or physical psychological emotional and spiritual

Or health wealth relationship and spiritual

We are hardly informed about our inner controls

Like can you change your painful memories?

Do you know what aspect of your childhood experience controls your life and behaviour?

How do you deal with your disappointment, disapproval and dysfunctional relationships?

Most of the time your inner control is in automatic response mode

Can you get control back with you?

It’s not easy to deal with all such challenges

What if someone guides you to take control?

What if someone drives you out till you operate your control?

Be it any life situation important is to know your inner control so you can always drive your life safe

I am here your take your life out of any bad road or you are lost on any road or you have lost the direction or you Don’t know your destination

I assure you to pull you out but with your cooperation only

Reach out to me let’s talk to understand your situation and the way ahead

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