What can a soul do when fully activated ?

Body has limitations as it required to move from one point to the other. Mind has less limitations it can go quickly in to past or future and from places to people.

Body has limitations as only it has to be taken to places to experience the surroundings. Body takes inputs from 5 senses Mind also create scenario using memory or imagination. Let’s understand you need to take your body to sea beach or montano top to experience how it feels Now think of 5 best vacation destination you visited Also imagine next vacation destination Have you realised the difference?

Great let’s go to next point. Soul knows all but entire energies of soul is not operative or active fully there are aspects of soul is in darkness and slowly with the experiences of life it comes in light when we visit a place first time we feel I had been to this place before or we feel we know the person even if we have are meeting first time. The soul remembers we can also bring the soul in full light thru various processes instead of waiting for experiences. We can also send our energies or say 5 senses to get perfect perception of what is happening in places to a person or to access situations.

Once soul is fully active you can attain various Siddhi There are various methods available to attend ‘Siddhis‘ most of them are too long to experience. What is easy and best ways to attend siddhi which is simple and powerful. I will share with you all types of siddhi and various ways to attend them and also every aspects of SiddhiSiddhi is powers and your soul is most powerful for you. To know more, watch my webinar ‘Siddhis – Our Birthright‘ by clicking on link below:

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  1. Beautiful informations getting more deep knowledge and I am very happy to be a part of this grp thanks viral sir and shree

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